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Constitution and By-Laws


Table of Contents


Article I: Name
Article II: Purpose
Article III: Membership
Article IV: Officers and Their Election
Article V: Council
Article VI: Meetings of the Association
Article VII: Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws


By Law I:The Executive
By Law II:Duties of Officers
By Law III:The council
By Law IV:Committees of Springfield
By Law V:Financial Considerations
By Law VI:Membership Year
By Law VII:Playing Rules and Regulations
By Law VIII:Non-Liability of Members



The name of the organization shall be “SPRINGFIELD HOCKEY ASSOCIATION”, hereinafter referred to as “SPRINGFIELD”.

ARTICLE II : Purposes

The purposes of Springfield shall be to:
    a) promote the playing of women’s field hockey
    b) formulate and advocate policies beneficial to the game of women’s field hockey
    c) promote friendliness and sportsmanship among all participants

ARTICLE III: Membership

A) Springfield shall comprise those teams and persons who have been admitted to membership in Springfield by the council and who have paid fees as set by the Membership at a General Meeting
B) Membership in Field Hockey Ontario and Field Hockey Canada is compulsory for all Springfield teams
C) Springfield is a regional association of Field Hockey Ontario

ARTICLE IV : Officers and Their Election

The name of the elected body of Springfield shall be “the Executive” and shall consist of the following officers:
   a) President
   b) Vice President
   c) Secretary
   d) Match Secretary
   e) Treasurer
   f) Umpiring Chairperson

A) Officers shall be elected by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of Springfield
B) President and Vice President shall be elected for a period of one year. All other elected officers shall serve for a period of two years
C) The terms of the Secretary and Umpiring Chairperson shall be concurrent and shall alternate with the terms of Match Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Umpiring Chairperson shall be elected on odd numbered years and the positions of Match Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected on even numbered years
D) Any vacancy occurring on the Executive shall be filled by Executive appointment; the replacement to complete the remainder of the term
E) Officers shall be members of Springfield, Field Hockey Ontario and Field Hockey Canada

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The council shall:
   a) represent the registered teams of Springfield
   b) consist of the Executive and two representatives from each registered Springfield team
   c) meet a minimum of three times during the year
   d) act on any points not provided for in the Constitution

ARTICLE VI : Meetings of the Association

A) The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held on the first Tuesday following the Ruth Shankland Memorial Tournament at such a date, time and place as shall be determined by the Executive
B) The regular GENERAL MEETINGS of the Association shall be held in February, April and June at such a date, time and place as shall be determined by the Executive
C) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of the Executive or at the written request of the majority of the Council or at the written request of one-third (1/3) of the voting membership of Springfield
D) Notice of the date, place and time of all Meetings shall be sent to each member of the Council via email fourteen (14) days in advance of the Meeting. Any pertinent documents for the Meeting (e.g. Agenda, previous meeting Minutes) will be sent as printable attachments with the Notice email. Meeting information will also be updated and available to all Members on the Association website at www.springfieldhockeyassociation.netfirms.com/
E) A quorum for the transaction of business at any General Meeting shall consist of fifteen percent (15%) of the voting membership of Springfield present in person or represented by proxy
F) Each individual member shall have one vote. The president shall vote only if a tied vote exists
G) Absentee voting may be conducted by duly appointed proxies provided that such proxies are registered with the Secretary prior to the commencement of the Meeting
H) The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include tournament bids for the upcoming year, the reports of the Executive, the financial statements and the election of officers of Springfield. Team reports are required to be presented at this meeting
I) The business of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall include only the business for which the meeting was called


A) The Constitution and By-Laws of Springfield may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting membership present or represented by proxy at any General Meeting of Springfield
B) Amendments may be initiated either by a simple majority vote of the Council or by any voting member of Springfield provided that the latter’s amendment(s) is supported by the signatures of five (5) voting members
C) Any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary fourteen (14) days prior to the General Meeting at which it is to be considered
D) Notice of such proposed amendments shall be sent to the voting members of Springfield at least seven (7) days prior to the aforesaid meeting

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A) The Executive shall be responsible for:
    1. The management of the affairs of Springfield
    2. For formulating policies and proposing programmes
    3. For allocating the funds of Springfield
    4. For setting the dates of the Annual General, Council and Executive meetings
    5. For reviewing the Constitution,By-Laws,Playing Regulations and Codes of Conduct of Springfield
B) The Executive shall meet as often as is necessary to conduct the affairs of Springfield and to carry out the instructions of the Council. Meetings shall be called by the President
C) Business shall be conducted by a consensus of opinion of the Executive present


A) The President shall:
    1. Chair all meetings of Springfield and all Executive and Council meetings
    2. Draw up agendas for all meetings
    3. Supervise the business of Springfield
    4. Have the power to act in all emergency matters for the benefit of Springfield, such actions to be subject to approval by the Council at its next meeting and by     bsp;  Springfield at the next General Meeting
    5. Be a signing officer for Springfield
    6. Act as a Liaison with Field Hockey Ontario

B) The Vice President shall:
    1. Assume all responsibilities and perform all duties of the President in her absence or in the event of her resignation
    2. Assist the President in the duties of her office
    3. Coordinate all matters pertaining to Springfield representative teams
    4. Be responsible for the publicizing of Springfield activities and act upon any recommendations of the Council concerning public relations
    5. Act as a liaison with the Ontario Public Relations coordinator
    6. Be a signing officer for Springfield
    7. Train for the position of Springfield President
    8. Be responsible for locating and maintaining details of all resources available which may be used for the promotion of field hockey in Ontario
    9. Provide assistance for team development

C) The Secretary shall:
    1. Record or arrange to have recorded minutes of all meetings of the Executive, Council and Springfield
    2. Distribute minutes of the Executive and Council meetings to the Executive and Council representatives
    3. Distribute the minutes of Springfield meetings to all voting members (upon individual request) within twenty eight (28) days of such meetings
    4. Issue notices of Council meetings at least seven (7) days beforehand; and General meetings to members of Springfield at least twenty (20) days beforehand
    5. Conduct and submit to the Executive and Council the correspondence of Springfield
    6. File all minutes, correspondence and reports pertaining to the business of Springfield
    7. Issue a copy of the current Constitution and By Laws of Springfield to any member upon request
    8. Draw up and register an annual list of voting members and be responsible for the maintenance of Springfield mailing lists
    9. Be responsible for updating the Constitution when it is amended

D) The Match Secretary shall:
    1. Be responsible for the drawing up and distribution of playing schedules
    2. Be responsible for recording results of all matches played throughout the season
    3. Compile League standings and statistics
    4. Provide a copy of the current Playing Regulations to any new teams registering in the League, and any teams expressing interest in joining the League
    5. Immediately notify treasurer of (bond issues) any team that has forfeited any game.

E) The Treasurer shall:
    1. Receive and issue receipts for all monies and deposit them with a bank approved by the Executive
    2. Disburse funds in payment of bills as authorized by the Executive
    3. Keep account of and be responsible for all monies received and disbursed by her and file all bills
    4. Be a signing officer for Springfield
    5. Present a financial statement of all meetings of the Council
    6. Submit an Annual Financial Report to Springfield at the Annual General Meeting
    7. Prepare and submit a budget annually to Springfield at the first Council meeting of the new playing year
    8. Prepare and submit a budget annually to Field Hockey Ontario requesting government funds for eligible programs
    9. Monitor Good Faith Bonds and communicate with the Match Secretary.

F) The Umpiring Chairperson shall:
    1. Be responsible for promoting a high standard of umpiring and for encouraging members of Springfield to become rated umpires
    2. Be responsible for arranging umpires for special games
    3. Organize clinics and instructional activities for the development of umpires in Springfield
    4. Promote and encourage the development and circulation of instructional material for umpires
    5. Act as a liaison with the Field Hockey Ontario Umpiring Chairperson
    6. Be responsible for the coordination of umpires for Springfield League games
    7. Act as a liaison with the Field Hockey Ontario Vice Presidents of Junior Development, Club Development, and Coaching
    8. Arrange player and coaching clinics as requested or as deemed necessary in the Springfield region

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BY LAW III: The Council

A) The Council shall:
    1. Be responsible for all policy and programme decisions of Springfield
    2. Adhere to the Constitution of Springfield and provide interpretations on all points not explicitly provided for therein
    3. Receive and act upon all applications for membership
    4. Conduct the financial affairs of Springfield
    5. Nominate representatives of Springfield for positions on the Executive Committees of Field Hockey Ontario and Field Hockey Canada
B) Motions may be carried by a simple majority of the voting members present or represented by proxy

BY LAW IV : Committees of Springfield

A) Committees of Springfield shall be appointed by the Executive or the Council as the need arises
B) The Committee Chairperson shall:
    1. Be appointed by the President on recommendation of the Executive
    2. Be empowered to appoint members of Springfield to serve on their committees
    3. Be responsible to Council for all actions of their committee
    4. Be responsible for presenting written reports of their committee’s findings to the Executive

BY LAW V : Financial Considerations

A) Banking and Audit: All accounts and statements of Springfield shall be submitted annually for audit. The funds of Springfield shall be kept on deposit in a bank or may be invested in such a manner as the Council may determine from time to time
B) Financial Year: The financial year of Springfield shall be from October 1 to September 30
C) Fees: Membership fees shall be determined from year to year by the membership of Springfield at the Annual General Meeting

BY LAW VI : Membership Year

A) The membership year of Springfield shall be from April 1 to March 31

BY LAW VII: Playing Rules and Regulations

A) All field hockey matches played within the jurisdiction of Springfield shall be played according to the code of rules of the Federation of International Hockey Rules Board, Springfield Playing Regulations and Springfield Code of Conduct
B) To be eligible for selection to a Springfield Representative team, a player must be a member of Springfield
C) Uniform colors for new teams, and any color changes by existing teams must be approved by council

BY LAW VIII: Non Liability of Members

A) No member of Springfield shall be liable for any debt or liability of Springfield

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